Accessories for every situation

Gallardo Premium 3in1 means perfect choice for parents who look for a high-quality , comfortable , easy-to-handle pram with lots of accessories available in modern colour-combinations. To the base supply belong chassis, portable cradle with feet cover, seat-unit with feet cover, child safety seat with feet cover, shopping basket, diaper bag and mosquito net. All three attachments can be mounted without using an adapter in the direction of movement or against the direction of movement.

Suspension and handling

Gallardo Premium is occupied with compact aluminium frame and double apsorption mechanism . It has inflatable front swivel (360°)wheels with locking and inflatable back wheels with adjustable shock absorber . These features ensure an exceptional smooth run.

Quality materials

COMFY STOP brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing a pedal. Thanks to reliable strengthened brakes, your stroller will not move out of location. Thanks to ease-of-operation and maneuverability this stroller offers the parents the highest level of comfort. The upholstery of this pram is made of eco-tex material (enviroment-friendly), waterproof, removable and can be washed.

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